Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicle charger installers.

Here at RTS Electrical we offer a fast and reliable EV Charger Installation service, from our team of Electric vehicle charger installers.

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If you’ve got an electric vehicle and somewhere to park it at home, a home electric vehicle charger is an ideal solution.

The Process

  • Site survey (can sometimes be done via pictures) 
    • Is your existing supply adequate for the additional demand?
    • Are the existing earthing and bonding arrangements compliant to the latest regulations
  • What features do you require from your EV Charger? ​​​​
    • Smart Charger (app controlled)​
    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Cost
  • Choosing your EV Charger
    • We will recommend a suitable charger based in your current installation and personal preferences​
  • Planning the cable installation for your new circuit
    • Your EV charger has to have its own dedicated supply (must be must be on its own circuit)
  • Quotation 
  • Installation
  • Product demonstration 

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